Head-to-Head: SANY of Maine's Large vs. Medium Excavators - Evaluating Power and Performance To Choose the Right Size for Your Project

Aug 18, 2023

You know that a SANY excavator is the right fit for your team -- but it can be tough to figure out which SANY option is best for a particular job. Here, we're breaking down your SANY options with the large SANY SY365C, the medium SANY SY265C, and the medium SANY SY215C. Whether you're looking for an excavator that can move earth for your construction project or eat up tar for a new roadway, SANY has the power that you need -- and the efficiency that you want.

Let's take a look at everything you need to know about the SY365C, the SY265C, and the SY215C.
SANY SY365C: A Large Excavator That Packs the Power

When your team is facing a major project, you want a reliable excavator that packs a punch. The SANY SY365C is perfect for large demolition projects of malls, office buildings or other large structures, moving asphalt, road building, digging pipelines, and moving serious earth.

With a Cummins 275 hp engine, 43,000 pounds of breakout force, a digging height capability of 32' 3", and a digging depth capability of 23' 11", the SY365C can handle tough terrain and monstrous jobs. When you choose the SY365C, you won't have to worry about losing valuable time finding ways to safely lead your crew through the steep hills or rough roads required to get the job done.

While the SY365C is a super-high performer, it's also designed with efficiency in mind. With four different work modes, your crew will be able to select the option that works best for the task at hand, allowing the excavator to work at maximum efficiency. The SANY team developed the SY365C with negative flow hydraulics that can boost your fuel efficiency by 10%, while also boosting your operating efficiency by 5%.

You'll love how your SY365C boosts your bottom line -- and your crew will love how comfortable the excavator is to operate. Enjoy an optimized cabin developed with maximum visibility in mind, with a rearview camera that keeps your team safe. With maximum legroom, an ergonomically supportive operator seat, and a hydraulic-over-hydraulic operating system, your crew will be able to focus on the task at hand.

If you want the reliability of a SANY excavator but aren't in need of the power of the SY365C, you'll want to consider the SY265C and the SY215C.

SANY SY265C: A Medium Excavator That Boasts Super-High Efficiency

The SY265C is known for power, efficiency and reliability. Like the SY365C, the SY265C provides you with the option to choose work modes, making it simple to maximize your excavator's efficiency.

With 194.4 hp, the SY265C packs a high level of power for a machine that weighs in at just 59,525 pounds. Like SANY's larger excavator options, the SY265C can boost operating efficiency by 5% and boost fuel efficiency by 10%. You'll love the SY265C's 22' digging depth capability and 31' 11" digging height capability, with a Kawasaki hydraulic system and a Stage V Cummins engine.

The cabin of the SY265C provides your crew with plenty of comforts, including adjustable seat control positions, digital tool selection, alarm features, and a heated compartment for food and beverages. They'll also love the electronic control fan clutch, allowing them to enjoy quiet operation.

SANY SY215C: A Medium Excavator That Can Handle Any Terrain

With the SY215C, you'll get the perfect combination of efficiency and durability. This medium excavator is simple to maneuver, offers a digging depth of 21' 8" and a digging height of 30' 1", and boasts 163.6 hp. Like our other options listed here, the SY215C allows you to boost operating efficiency by 5% and boost fuel efficiency by 10%.

The cabin of the SY215C is super-comfortable, and your crew will love the air conditioning system, 12v/24v in-cabin outlets, mechanical suspension seats, and multi-language display, all mounted on silicone rubber. You'll rest assured that you're going above and beyond when it comes to safety on the job site, as the SY215C comes standard with a battery master switch, rear mirror, travel alarm and beacon, overload warning, and ground-level emergency cutoff.

Choosing Your Excavator: What To Consider

You'll love whichever SANY excavator you choose, but it's important that you think through your options to select the best excavator for the task at hand. If you need maximum power, the SY365C is your best bet. Looking for the most efficient option? Consider the SY265C. If durability is your top priority, you'll want to stick with the SY215C.

Large Vs. Medium Excavators

When deciding between a large and medium excavator, you'll want to consider both the difficulty and size of the job at hand. If you have an expansive project that requires earth moving, demolition, or road-building over a large area, you'll want to go with a large excavator like the SY365C.

If you have a smaller project, or you don't quite need the 275 hp provided by the SY365C, you'll want to go with the SY265C or the SY215C.

Visit the Friendly Folks at Union Farm Equipment To Find the Right SANY Excavator for Your Crew

Ready to explore your SANY excavator options? At Union Farm Equipment, the SANY OF MAINE team is here to help. Reach out to us today to chat about whether the SY365C, the SY265C, or the SY215C is the right fit for your next construction, earth moving, or demolition project.

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