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SANY OF MAINE is excited to introduce the SANY AMERICA line of farm and construction equipment, from the smallest excavators designed to work in confined spaces to wheel loaders and big excavator units designed to work under continuous stress under any conditions, any climate, and any terrain. Come, see and discover SANY OF MAINE powered by Union Farm Equipment.
Mutliple SANY Excavator Lineup


SANY SY16C Mini Excavator - 4,023 lbs

SANY SY16C Mini Excavator

15.0 HP | 4,023 lbs

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SANY SY26U Mini Excavator

19.6 HP | 6,085 lbs

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SANY SY35U Mini Excavator

24.4 HP | 8,499 lbs

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SANY SY50U Compact Excavator

39.0 HP | 11,684 lbs

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SANY SY60C Compact Excavator

56.9 HP | 13,448 lbs

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SANY SY75C Small Excavator

57.7 HP | 16,050 lbs

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SANY SY80U Small Excavator

73.0 HP | 19,401 lbs

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SANY SY95C Small Excavator

72.0 HP | 20,238 lbs

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SNY_0009_SY135C-1080x1080 (1)

SANY SY135C Small Excavator

103.3 HP | 32,783 lbs

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SANY SY155U Small Excavator

105.0 HP | 35,274 lbs

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SANY SY215C Medium Excavator

163.6 HP | 51,919 lbs

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SANY SY265C Medium Excavator

190.4 HP | 69,446 lbs

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SANY SY365C Large Excavator

275.0 HP | 80,910 lbs

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Wheel Loaders


SANY SW305K Wheel Loader

184.0 HP | 3.0 cu. yd. bucket capacity | 27,143 lbs breakout force | 32,222 lbs

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