Discover the Masters of Productivity, Precision and Performance With SANY of Maine's Medium-Sized Excavators

Jul 12, 2023

When you need to move a significant amount of earth, you need power and efficiency. SANY of Maine’s SY265C and SY215C medium excavators offer optimized positive flow hydraulics, powertrain components, and over 160 hp.

SANY medium excavators are durable and stand the test of time, allowing you to rest easy that your investment will pay off. Both options offer high value at a price that makes sense, with the power you need to get the job done right and on time.

We'll dig into the differences between the two, so you can decide which SANY medium excavator is the right choice for your job.

SANY Medium Excavators

When you're looking to add a new excavator to your fleet, you want to consider horsepower, maximum dig depth, maximum dig height, maximum dumping height, and more. While there are several similarities between the SY215C and the SY265C, you'll want to explore both options carefully to decide which medium excavator is the best fit.

The SY215C Medium Excavator

Looking for a reliable, easily maneuverable excavator that will handle a wide range of projects? The SY215C offers the high-tech design you need combined with the power required to keep things moving on the job site.

Capable of a digging depth of 21' 8", a digging height of 30'1", and a dumping height of 21'11", the SANY SY215C medium excavator is an ideal, choice for those who want both fuel efficiency and power in one medium excavator.

The SY215C's Cummins Diesel engine allows you to save up to 10% on your fuel costs, and the machine's efficiency means that fuel won't be the only place you're saving money. The SY215C's optimized positive flow hydraulics are capable of boosting operating efficiency by up to 5%, as well as boosting fuel efficiency by as much as 10%.

When you choose the SY215C, you're not just getting a reliable piece of equipment to get your job done -- you're also making life better for your crew. The ROPS cabin of the SY215 is mounted on silicone rubber. The mechanical suspension seat, short joystick, multi-language display, 12v/24v outlets, and air conditioning system allow your operators to be comfortable while focusing on the task at hand.

Safety is paramount at SANY, and the SY215C is no exception. Safety features of the SY215C include a battery master switch, fire extinguisher, emergency hammer, rear mirror, travel alarm and beacon, overload warning, and a ground-level engine emergency cutoff.

The SY265C Medium Excavator

SANY's most efficient medium-sized excavator, the SY265C offers customizable work modes to boost productivity. Powerful, reliable and high performing, the SY265C offers various work modes, allowing your crew to choose the level of power that makes sense, minimizing your operating costs. You'll get the power of a Stage V Cummins engine and a Kawasaki hydraulic system, combining reliability and power.

With a digging depth of 22', a digging height of 31' 11", and a dumping height of 22', the SY265C provides the performance you need to get the job done.

With optimized load-sensing hydraulics, the SY265C can improve operating efficiency by up to 5% and fuel efficiency by up to 10%. A control fan clutch makes the SY265C surprisingly quiet for a piece of equipment that packs 194.4 hp.

You'll love how quickly the SY265C gets the job done -- and your crew will love the cabin. With adjustable independent seat control positions, auto climate control, 12V and 24C outlets, digital power mode selection, digital tool selection, a multifunction LCD monitor, system monitoring (with alarm features), a power-boost joystick switch, and a heated compartment for food and beverages, your crew will be fighting over who gets to do the earth moving!

Struggling to Choose Between the SY215C and the SY265C?

Not sure which option is the right fit for your next project? Both options are powerful, efficient and cost-effective. Both can get the job done, but the SY265C offers slightly more power. Whether you're working to handle materials, demolish a building, or move asphalt during road construction, you'll love the precision and drive you get from your SANY medium excavator.

SANY of Maine: Your Home for American-Manufactured Heavy Equipment

If you're looking for a high-performing excavator to add to your fleet, we're here to help. When you choose SANY excavators, you know you're getting a piece of equipment you can count on. The company's five-year warranty allows you to rest assured that your equipment will hold up over time.

If you know which excavator is the right fit for you, or you need some guidance in choosing the right piece of equipment for your next project, we've got you covered. At SANY of Maine -- powered by Union Farm Equipment -- we have what you need to get the job done right.

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