Commercial Care Partnership Program


Union Farm Equipment
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Service Description


Download the enrollment form now and bring it in with your equipment.

Commercial Care Program

walker-repair_0002The Commercial Care Program is tailored specifically for our commercial lawn and landscape customers. We understand that for you and your business to remain profitable, your equipment must be in good working order. A machine waiting for repairs does not make you money. We believe many common in-season equipment breakdowns can be avoided with proper preseason maintenance and repairs.

New commercial mowing equipment purchased from Union Farm Equipment is automatically enrolled for the first year in the program.

Please note that only equipment lines that are sold at this dealership can be enrolled in this program, all others are not eligible.

Call our service department at (800) 935-7999 or (207) 785-4451 to see if your equipment qualifies. They can answer any questions you may have as well as schedule an appointment for your service and inspection.

Our factory certified technicians attend service schools for the most current training on these machines. This allows us to have personnel trained to support this program and service your repair needs.

How does the program work? Easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Pay the annual membership fee.
  2. Bring your Kubota, Exmark, Toro or Walker commercial mowing equipment to our shop for a comprehensive preseason inspection.
  3. Authorize any additional repairs we recommend to bring your machine to optimal and reliable performance for the coming mowing season.


Union Farm Equipment, Inc. will perform a preseason service and detailed inspection on the equipment listed above for the Commercial Care Partnership Plus Program enrollment. After completing the inspection, we will provide an estimate detailing any additional repairs found necessary to bring your equipment back to safe and reliable operation.

Failure to complete any recommended repairs to your equipment will result in forfeiture of equipment loaner privileges.

Service and inspection will be performed for $399.00 and is to be paid at the time of enrollment. Pickup and delivery of equipment within a 25-mile radius of Union Farm Equipment, Inc. is available for an additional $39.00 fee. This excludes any island pick-up and delivery. Please call the dealership for cost of pick-up and delivery to any island.

In the event the enrolled equipment breaks down, Union Farm Equipment, Inc. will make every effort to repair it within a 24-hour period. If we are unable to repair the above listed equipment within 24 hours of receiving it, the participant is eligible for a loaner machine at no cost, providing one is available. Loaner machines are limited in number and availability is on a first come, first served basis.

The loaner machine is to be returned to Union Farm Equipment, Inc. within 24 hours of notification of the completion of repair.

If not returned within this time frame, the loaner agreement will automatically convert to a Rental Agreement and a rental fee of $100.00 per day will be billed and due upon return of the loaner.

Equipment Inspection and Service Checklist


  • Change oil and filter
  • Replace spark plug(s)
  • Replace fuel filter
  • Clean air filter(s)
  • Check and adjust carburetor
  • Check and adjust governor
  • Compression test (>1000 hrs only)
  • Check coolant level and strength
  • Clean radiator and screen


  • Top off transmission and hydraulic fluids
  • Check all hoses and lines
  • Inspect all drive belts and pulleys
  • Test and adjust brakes
  • Pressure wash entire machine
  • Adjust tracking controls
  • Lube and grease all pivots
  • Lube and adjust control cables


  • Clean battery and cables
  • Load test battery
  • Check function of safety switches
  • Check function of charging system


  • Remove blades and sharpen
  • Clean debris from deck
  • Check belts, pulleys, and spindle bearings
  • Check gearboxes for leaks
  • Check gauge wheels

If Equipped

  • Inspect bagger and blower
  • Check coolant level and strength
  • Clean radiator and screen

Union Farm Equipment will present an estimate for any other needed repairs.

Only machines enrolled in the Commercial Care Program will qualify for a loaner at no charge. Loaner machines are limited and are available on a first come first serve basis. Failure to complete our recommended repairs may result in forfeiture of loaner privileges.

In order for this program to be successful, we need your cooperation to return the loaner machine clean, lubed, and full of fuel within 24 hours of notification of completion of repairs. Any machine not returned within 24 hours will automatically convert to a Rental Agreement and a daily rental fee of $100.00 will be billed and due upon return of the loaner.